Welcome to Darling Strip Club Barcelona

Darling Strip Club of Barcelona has a few parallels, when it comes to spicing your life up a bit, and spending your time in the best possible way. Despite the rising number of strip clubs in Barcelona, this one has, something different that attracts a huge number of people to visit it. Darling Club Barcelona has its own charm and glamour, which you will not find anywhere else.
Number and quality of suits plays a significant role in the raking of a strip club. As far as thematic suits are concerned, Darling Strip Club Barcelona has 10 top quality suits featuring everything you could ask for. Feel free to enjoy your time in a very private and cosy place and every suite in this club is different. Sounds too good to be true!
Darling strip club, Barcelona is truly a gentlemen’s club as the staff provides its customers with the best services and exactly what they need to have the time of their life with their group of friends. Known as the best strip club of Barcelona, they provide you with all the amenities you wish for and can also be entirely arranged for you.

If you’re looking for reasons to choose Darling Strip Club Barcelona for your night out or as a weekend destination, go through the following list to help you decide why you should head here:

⦁ Darling gentlemen’s club is at Barcelona’s prime location in the city so you will not have a hard time locating it.
⦁ The club will provide exclusive services only for you, like private suites, VIP lounge etc.
⦁ Darling guarantees 100% safety and entertainment while you’re at the club and this is one of the reasons why we rank it as one of Barcelona’s best strip clubs.

If you want to make plans with your friends to hang out at a strip club and enjoy your time to the fullest, think no more! Head to the Darling gentlemen’s club in Barcelona to make the most out of your weekend (or any other day!).

By Using Taxi Or Any Other Transport Of Your Choice You Will Be Charged Double.With Club Car You Will Get The Fair Price.Pay Only 20€ Instead Of 40€/50€.
So Avoid Scam & Hidden Charge,Use Club Car & Club Car It's Free.
Opening Time 22:00 – 5:00
Girls 40-50
Entry Fee 20€ (With 2 beers 1 mix drink included) 30€ (With 2 mix drinks included)
Free Transportation - Club got cars available for clients.Car will go pick you up & drop you at club door.With club car you will get max discount inside the club.
Strip Show,Pole Dance,Lap Dance,Table Dance,Bachelor Party,VIP Table With Bottle,Private Dance,Private Room For Sex,Stag Party,Rooms With Jacuzzi.
Please Note* All Of Our Promotion & Entry Price Applicable Only For Those Who Use Club Free Pick Up Service.Don't Go By Taxi As They Took Commission From Clubs For Bringing Clients.



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