Welcome to BACARRA Strip Club Barcelona

Barcelona is well known for its culture and sports, especially football, but there is far more entertainment in the city than this. The city is home to a number of strip clubs considered among the best in the world. If you want the time of your life, this is where you should be.
A well-known and reliable strip club among these is Bacarra Strip Club of Barcelona, which is popular for a variety of alcohols, tempting lap dances and most of all, their gorgeous girls!
Bacarra club Barcelona is a true gentlemen’s club where you’ll find everything that a man needs. The club is extraordinary in other ways too, for example, they also facilitate you to arrange private parties or events to enjoy with your circle. Another good thing about the gentlemen’s club Bacarra is that they offer free transportation. You can easily get a ride home after enjoying and having fun, without having to worry about driving or booking a cab.

Bacarra club Barcelona is one of the best strip clubs of Barcelona, and this is supported by the following facts and figures:
⦁ The club covers a large area of approximately 600 m2 and so, with such a wide area, your privacy is completely protected.
⦁ It is open all night, to welcome you to chill whenever you feel like it.
⦁ Bacarra is situated in uptown Barcelona, which means it is easily accessible and you will be 100% sure of your security.

The Gentlemen’s Club Bacarra has an extremely supportive staff and amazing interiors, which has earned it the reputation of being a gentlemen’s club. While you are in Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona, you will be sure that you will have the best night of your life. So, whenever you are in the city, be sure to head to Bacarra Club Barcelona, the best strip club in Barcelona and let their beautiful girls give you the time of your life!

By Using Taxi Or Any Other Transport Of Your Choice You Will Be Charged Double.With Club Car You Will Get The Fair Price.Pay Only 20€ Instead Of 40€/50€.
So Avoid Scam & Hidden Charge,Use Club Car & Club Car It's Free.
Opening Time 22:00 – 5:00
Girls 60-80
Entry Fee 20€ (With 2 beers 1 mix drink included) 30€ (With 2 mix drinks included)
Free Transportation - Club got cars available for clients.Car will go pick you up & drop you at club door.With club car you will get max discount inside the club.
Strip Show,Pole Dance,Lap Dance,Table Dance,Bachelor Party,VIP Table With Bottle,Private Dance,Private Room For Sex,Stag Party,Rooms With Jacuzzi.
Please Note* All Of Our Promotion & Entry Price Applicable Only For Those Who Use Club Free Pick Up Service.Don't Go By Taxi As They Took Commission From Clubs For Bringing Clients.



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